Còn gì đẹp bằng khoảnh khắc hạnh phúc bên gia đình, bạn bè cùng chiếc bánh ấm áp, ngọn nến lung linh

Welcome to Hong Hanh Bakery.

 Good morning to everyone! I am the owner of this site, nice to meet all of you. We have been in this store for almost 10 years. We are very happy and glad to serve you. When you come here, you will feel comfortable and pleasure, because everything here is not only nice, but also very friendly.
 Here, you can find many kinds of cakes. We have a lot of styles and prices for you to choose. And I can answer your ideas, your questions or your wonders quickly.With experiences and skills, we have a class where you can come to learn how to make cakes.
 In special occasions, we sell with very cheaper prices, you can buy things to give your dear family. Especially, there will always be chances for our many-year customers to take a cheaper prices.
 Thanks a lot to all people for visiting us, good luck everyone!
 To get more and more informations and skills in making cakes, you can contact us here: 
 Send your messages to: tiuyeukute@yahoo.com.vn
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